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This allows users to track the progress of their project for each account or client and send an invoice when the job is done.


Users need to view/update their business profile.


  • Add business name and brief description
  • Enter phone number, email, website and location
  • Upload business photo for business and profile photo for individuals
  • Enter business services offered


All the active clients of the users will be displayed here. A client can be a business establishment or an individual.


New Client

Mark a Client

As Inactive


a “Inactive Client” at any time

Client Details

Users can view/update the client information!

Users can see the total collectible or receivable amount from the client.
This allows the user to make the client inactive or active depending on its status.



  • Dsplays the active invoice of the client that pertains to a particular project.

  • All project tasks that are finished will be automatically added to the active invoice.

  • When all tasks are completed, the user will finalize the invoice and enter the total amount.

  • Option to send the invoice in PDF file if the client has an email address or mark the invoice “sent through mail” if the client has no email address.

  • “Sent Invoices” tab to display the previous invoices sent to the client.

  • Allows the users to access sent invoices and add a payment amount if the user receives a payment from the client.

Tasks In Progress

  • This is a handy report that shows all tasks in progress of the users.

  • It displays the task name, project name & deadline and client name.

  • Tasks in progress are displayed based on their deadline priorities.

  • Tapping a task will allow users to get a “Route” or driving direction.

  • Tapping a task will also give users the option to mark it as “Completed”.

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  • This displays a map showing a driving direction from the user’s location to the client’s location.

  • This is automatically obtained from the “Tasks In Progress” report.

  • Also displays “Tasks in Progress” that he might be able to do along the way based on the initial route.

  • The tasks in progress can be represented by pins in the map. Tapping a pin will display the task detail (project name & deadline and the client name).

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  • Profile: You need to complete the payment information.

  • About App: You can read more about our app.

  • Before use: Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

  • Report a Problem: If you have a problem while using this app, please feel free to send us a report.

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